Our history

Grego House
and Higuera House

Both Casa Grego and Casa da Figueira are a personal project endorsed for the emotional value that this land transmits me.

These houses were founded in 1900 and belonged to the Gregorio’s Family since then. Both have been refurbished in 2017 honouring the memory of their structures and making them as comfortable as possible.

They are now open to the public and ready to be enjoyed as part of the rural tourism specially adapted for disable people.
They are placed in a magical landscape in the Sela Parish (belonging to the Arbo City Hall). Both of them are surrounded by the excellence in food and wine tradition around this area due to the fantastic vineyards which are the essence of our famous and appreciated Albariño wine; Just a few metres from them, we meet the great Miño river on its way to the South of Galicia. Our famous river is home of the main delicacy in our celebrations and festivals, the Lamprey.
Here you can visit and tour the famous “pesqueiras” (areas in the riverside used to fish the lamprey), worth visit them as they are part of our oldest cultural and social value and they were the main support for the families economic and touristic growth.

Just a few minutes away through the international bridge we find the historic and cultural richness of our neighbour country, Portugal; an excellent destiny to complement our journey on the other side of the river.